Fear & Peace

Don’t allow fear of the unknown to keep you from being at peace.

Fear – Thoughts & Reactions

Within one’s fight to avoid thoughts and reactions based on past and present fears lives an amazing opportunity for personal growth.

What Matters

Don’t allow things that don’t matter to matter.

Who You Are Today

Allow the lessons learned from your past, not your past, to determine who you are today and who you will grow to be.

What’s Next

Now is the best time for what’s next in your life.

Words Of Others

One’s words of others provides a window into who they truly are.

Who Not To Be

Be thankful for those who have served as inspiration for what you never want to be.

Grace Over Pride

Choose grace over pride as a means to a life filled with happiness and love.

Change The Way You See

We all need to change the way we see each other. Start with who’s looking back at you when you look in the mirror.

What Defines You

What defines you is not what you wear, what you drive or the house you live in. What does resides within you. Dress, drive & shelter what truly matters.

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